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Native Chinese and near-native Japanese speaker. Living in Japan.
Using professional knowledge and extensive experience to provide private online lessons in Chinese/Japanese/English.

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語学と多文化 Language & Culture – Learning / Communication
健康で幸せ Well-being – Mentorship / Coaching

Happy body & Happy mind の各プライベートコーチングコースを提供いたします。

Happy mind- Private Mentorship for your Well-Being (in Japanese or Chinese)
幸福度向上のプライベートコーチング / 为您提高幸福指数的专属私教

A course – 通常版 / 60分X3回(30日以内) / JPY8000
B course – 濃縮版 / 2.5時間X1回 / JPY8000
C course – 継続版 / 30分X8回(60日以内) / JPY8000 / AorBの完了した方のみが対象

CコースはA / Bの内容と違うので、AかB完了後の方のみを受付させていただきます。

Language & Culture – Learning / Communication 語学と多文化(in Japanese / Chinese / English)
中国語 Mandarin Learning & Practicing
Output is important. I’m not a fluent English speaker, so you can force yourself to speak in Mandarin as much as you can with a native Chinese speaker.
S course – 30minX1 / JPY1200 
L course – 50minX1 / JPY1600  
M course – 30minX4 in 1month OR 50minX3 in 1month / JPY4500

多文化交流 Language exchange & Culture communication (in Japanese / Chinese / English)
Would you share your stories and let me share with you the culture of China/Chinese and my journey in Japan?
Let’s talk about well-being/culture/languages or more.
C course – 30minX7 in 3months / JPY4500

 *****New Courses Coming soon / 新コース準備中***** 
・Happy mind- 夢実現サポート
・Happy body- アロマテラピーで健康と美を手に入れる
・Happy body- 漢方養生で未病を防ぐ

How to request / リクエスト方法

① Inquiry / お問合&予約 : (Contact page) or DM(Twitter)
・Select a Course. コースを選んで下さい
・Let me know several options of your available date/time/time zone. ご都合の良い日時をいくつか教えて下さい。
 ・FYI. My available time usually would be at 9:00~17:00 on Thursday to Saturday (Tokyo) though other times could be flexible. 予約可能な時間帯は通常木曜日から土曜日までの9:00~17:00で、尚不定期に変更しますが、時間外は臨機応変に対応いたします。
② Confirmation / 確認: Receive my confirmation within 24hours. 受付確認・日時確定のメールをお受取りください。
③ Payment / お支払い: Choose the menu button to access payment. 本ページのメニューボタンより支払いをお願いします。
④ Start / 開始: Please receive the Zoom access code in your Email before the start time. ズームのアクセスコードをメール・DMでご確認願います。

Notice / 注意事項

★Before you proceed with any payment, please make sure of my confirmation first.

Please feel free to contact me
if you have any questions before request.