My story- Reborn

About ten years ago, at midnight in Bangkok, I was walking alone in a narrow street, thinking about what if I was going to die in a traffic accident.
I was deeply depressed in those days. I asked myself, do I not want this life, or do I want to die.
My answer was that I neither wanted this life nor to die.

My depression disappeared as time flew. I eventually found myself loving my family and never wanted to lose them.

I realized I could choose another way to live.

Time proves to me that things are not as bad as I thought. Time shows me that life is still beautiful if I look at it from a different angle.

You may say that it is easy to say but hard to do. Yes, it’s true. In my case, I have much more courage to be reborn than to end my life.

I was even thinking about joining a boat trip to go around the world and redesign my life when I was stuck several years ago.

I always remind myself when I go through hard days:
You always have a choice and don’t forget the last one.
—To be REBORN, like “The Cat Who Lived a Million Times.” ; )

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投稿者: Nene Z


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