Career Success

What’s “SUCCESS” mean to you?
Since career is a big part of our life, today let me share with you some thoughts I learned about ” career success”. 

When you think about your career success, you’ll want to focus on both external and internal measures of success.

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External measures of success are things that are objective and can be seen and evaluated by others as well as yourself. Things such as status and titles, degrees, awards, what you get paid, where you live, and what you drive. 

Your external measures of success are all fine and dandy if they make you happy, but you need to be cautious about pursuing external measures of success. 

Many of us know people who seem successful by external measures of success. Yet they don’t feel successful or happy with their choices.

Judging your career primarily on external measures can be hard on your self-esteem if you lose your status, title, salary, or other external indicators if that’s how you measure your worth.

Internal measures of success include things that are subjective, which means only you can decide whether or not they matter to you. 

These are things like believing you’re making a difference through your work, feeling as though your work is aligned with your values, and taking pride in the day-to-day work that you do. 

Appreciating the autonomy that comes with your job, enjoying your colleagues and the people you served through your work, and being grateful for the opportunity to do what you do.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with your career life?

投稿者: Nene Z


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