A missing piece

I missed a piece of my heart,
like a missing piece of a puzzle.
Someone took it but threw it away.
I'd never ask it back because it's faded.
How should I repair the broken heart?
Just like what can I do with the uncompleted puzzle?
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

投稿者: Nene Z


A missing piece」に5件のコメントがあります

      1. Hello,Nene]-sann(^^♪
        It’s good to hear from you that now you’re alright!
        Please don’t push hard yourself (#^^#)

        ”Don’t worry, Be happy” by Bobby McFerrin

        My MOTTO IS “Everything will be alright.”
        People in my homeland always believes the word and to try to save them who are down and desperate by the word. In my case, I actually have been saved the word and stopped thinking deeper.
        If that is not the answer that you want, I believe the path you walk is to be the process of solving your trouble. (#^^#)

        いいね: 1人



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